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BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services is a Dublin 24 based business specialising in duct and canopy cleaning. Our canopy cleaning and maintenance services are offered to private and commercial customers throughout Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth, Wicklow and surrounding counties

Regular Cleaning can help prevent fires and accidents in the workplace.

  • Canopy Cleaning

  • Kitchen Extract System Cleaning

  • Commercial Duct Cleaning

  • Duct Repair & Sealing

  • Cooker Hood Cleaning

  • De-greasing Ductwork

  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Disinfection After Deep Clean

  • Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Air Handling Units Cleaning

  • Supplying All Kinds Of Air Filters

Canopy grease filters need to be regularly cleaned to ensure the system is functioning safely and efficiently. At BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services we can clean or replace contaminated grease filters with no disruption to your service.

Protect your premises from unexpected fires, call us today on 01 9039448 for more information on our duct and canopy cleaning services.

About BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services

We offer a dedicated service by experienced contractors.
Regular maintenance can reduce costs in the long term as grease build up is kept to a minimum.
BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services provide powerful degreasing cleansers for heavy duty cleaning such as fryer stations extracts, canopy, ductwork and fans in commercial kitchens.
* Report and certification are provided for Health & Safety regulation
* Pre clean photographs (audit purposes)
* Post clean photographs (report purposes)
* BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services comply with HVCA TR19 standard for Health & Safety requirements.

Find out more about HSA regulations here

Duct & Canopy Cleaning



FAILURE to ensure regular maintenance will invalidate your building insurance cover

Reduce the risk of Fire

The risk of fire can be reduced by:

1. Regularly checking the ductwork for grease build up and introduce a regular ductwork cleaning regime.
2. Install proper filters to minimise the risk of grease build up in the ductwork.
3. Regularly clean the grease filters to ensure continued effectiveness.