Deep Cleans & Disinfections

At BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services, we specialise in deep cleans and disinfections for the catering and hospitality industry. Based in Dublin, this service is available to all commercial kitchens, restaurant, hotel, takeaways, bars, cafes,

Commercial catering environments such as kitchens, canteens, and food preparation areas must adhere to strict legislation and hygiene standard guidelines. Daily cleaning routines will help maintain an appropriate level of hygiene. However, the gradual build-up of grease, fat, and other food waste will contaminate the kitchen and lead to bacteria growth, pest infestations, reduced equipment life and the even the spread of diseases.

A deep clean service from BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services will ensure that your commercial kitchen, restaurant, takeaway, etc., is cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected to the highest possible hygiene standards. Our deep clean and disinfection service is extremely thorough and we ensure that all kitchen equipment, walls, floor, windows, countertops, containers etc., are cleaned thoroughly. All products used are 100% food safe and we use Irish suppliers that specialise in the catering industry.

Deep Cleaning in Response to Covid-19

During this current climate and Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene is now more important than ever. At BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services we have implemented all procedures in line with government and WHO guidelines. Our deep clean and disinfection service is extremely flexible and we can come to your premises at a convenient time for you. Normally, this service is provided at night time while business are closed. However, if you have temporarily closed due to Covid-19 then we can carry out the deep cleaning during the day. A deep clean and disinfection services from BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services will ensure that your kitchen is operating at the maximum safety and hygiene standards when things finally get back to normal.

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