Duct & Canopy Cleaning

The main cause of fires in catering establishments is lack of canopy, duct and extractor fan cleaning. All Ducting, Canopy and Extract systems become coated over time with flammable materials such as grease, oil and fat and require regular and thorough cleaning.

BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services have been professionally carrying out this arduous task for many years. We specialise in all aspects of duct and canopy cleaning.
Regular cleaning avoids the real possibility of fire occurring which could ruin not only your business but cost lives.
While duct and canopy cleaning was always necessary it has now become absolutely vital to enable businesses to maintain their insurance cover.

BEST Duct & Canopy Cleaning Services provide full documentation following each visit with before and after pictures and Certificate of Cleanliness which your insurance company will require.

The Heating and Ventilation Association recommends the following timescale for cleaning based on usage:

Light Use: 2 to 6 hours per day should be professionally cleaned annually.

Medium Use:
6 to12 hours per day should be professionally cleaned twice annually

Heavy Use:
12 to 16 hours per day - four times annually.

We inspect and thoroughly clean and remove grease from industrial ducts, cooker hoods and extractor fans.
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